December 27, 2015

Technology Center (formerly Computer Lab)

January 11, 2018 is Open House in the Computer Room!

The NEW Technology Center is now open.

Virtual Reality Experience is Here!

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive, launch a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier, travel to any place in the world, paint a picture and then walk around and look at it from all angles?   How about learning about the human body by literally immersing yourself in a cell?  Ask us how you can do all of this and more by using the Virtual Reality resources.

Inside  the New HiTech Corner

The HiTech corner features the latest and greatest in computer technology – you can try before buying or just work away from home with leading edge software and hardware!  You have access to a current generation Intel Core 7 processor, an EVGA state of the art graphics card, a solid state hard drive, a 40 inch display screen for group presentations, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Premier Elements for video editing, audio editing, and other cool stuff.

All of this means, of course, is you are only limited by your imagination! Workshops and training sessions are planned.  Video assisted training adds to your learning experience.  This is a new direction for our club, a work-in-progress, and we welcome your ideas. Please join us on this new journey !