Beginning in March

MARCH 10TH – Accepting Old Computers 

Our Refurbishing Program is up and running again!  Equipment you wish to donate can be left at the Lakes Rec Center.


  • Desktops AND Laptops
  • Machines with Windows 7 or newer – NO XP
  • Flat screens Only

Please include any cords and accessories for the machine, e.g. cables, wireless mouse



New class offered in March and again in April. Registration required, first come, first served.

Virtual Reality Experience is Here!

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive, launch a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier, travel to any place in the world, paint a picture and then walk around and look at it from all angles?   How about learning about the human body by literally immersing yourself in a cell?  Ask us how you can do all of this and more by using the Virtual Reality Resources at the Computer Club.

Google Gaggle

Google Gaggle - a monthly workshop dedicated to "Everything Google" 

Join Chad each month on the 4th Thursday, year around.  Androids, Chromebooks, phones and tablets - is this for you?